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We take the initiative

For us, industry means pursuing common goals
and acting responsibly.


Industrial production is often associated with negative connotations and is therefore often not included in sustainability efforts. Among other things, this results in productions being relocated to countries low wage levels and without sustainability regulations. The Green Planet Act initiative was founded to steer industry in a sustainable, environmentally friendly direction with the help of innovative ideas. The goal is to enable a circular economy and make industry in Europe - which creates jobs and is an essential part of everyday life – responsible and future-oriented. Green Planet Act associates companies that have agreed to adhere to three basic principles in relation to our productions: Recycling, the Use of Sustainable and Re-growing Raw Materials as well as Regionality. By committing to this concept, we want to make a change and create a greener planet.



Resources are a valuable commodity. Increasingly, we hear about a general scarcity of resources. But when you take a closer look, you realize that we are surrounded by them. You just have to find them and use them properly. Green Planet Act’s goal is to look beyond the obvious. Members are committed to repurpose previously unused industrial residues and bring them back to the market. Another task of the initiative is to use recycled packaging. This has proven to be not only sustainable but also highly efficient.


In order to reduce the burden on the environment, the people and animals who live in it, Green Planet Act focuses on using as many re-growing and sustainable raw materials as possible instead of synthetic ones. With innovative and creative ideas the initiative combats substances that are harmful to health and the environment, such as microplastics or toxins. Of course, economic interests such as availability, plannability and cost efficiency are always taken into account in order to provide customers with the best possible solutions.


Long transport routes do not only contribute to the pollution of the environment due to the high CO² emissions, but also increase costs and reduce the availability of products. That is why members of Green Planet Act only offer goods produced in Europe, taking into account all applicable EU directives and guidelines. Due to these local and sustainable productions the highest quality standards are guaranteed. The short transport routes improve the industry’s footprint and increase the efficiency of its logistics.


All Green Planet Act members are subject to a due diligence that ensures compliance with the initiative’s mission and concept. 

Details will follow shortly

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